Quality Policy

Motivated by the passion for a job well doneexcellence in satisfying the needs and expectations of our clients and other interested parties with respect to our business activity, we assume the commitment and responsibility of implementing a Quality Management System. 


Our commitment to continuous improvement, with vigilance and due compliance with the requirements regarding our services in  the field of IT, web tools and marketing and communication activities (both customer, legal and those established by our customers and stakeholders), leads us to strive every day to:

1. To provide a service to our clients in terms of high quality, which fully satisfies their requirements, needs and expectations, taking into account the risks and opportunities that could affect the conformity of our services. 


2. The application of methodologies and recognized work standards that ensure the proper and systematic development of our 

activity, ensuring the values of information security and confidentiality both internally and to our customers and suppliers. 


3. The continuous improvement of the effectiveness of our Quality Management System and the performance in the areas of action of the same. 


4. To establish, revise when necessary, disseminate and guarantee the fulfilment of the organization's objectives, taking this Quality Policy as a reference framework. 


For all this, it is essential the commitment of all the people who make up SIE, for which information, communication, training, 

participation and consultation are key. 


For its part, the Management is committed to providing all human and material resources that are needed in order to make the application of this Quality Management System practical and effective.